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यथा तत्र तथान्यत्र

As It Is Here, So It Is Elsewhere


As it is here, so it is elsewhere is a photographic exploration of an ancient teaching stating that what is perceived “outside” is a reflection of the “inner state” of the viewer.
In the Shiva Sutras, an early text of Kashmir Shaivismsutra number 3.14 states, “Yatha Tatra Tathanyatra”.  This Sanskrit phrase translates, “As it is here, so it is elsewhere”.  
This sutra addresses the fundamental correlation between the inner and the outer in one’s experience. I feel that “As it is here, so it is elsewhere” finds its perfect expression in the ongoing dance of the observer with the observed.
These photographs are a visual expression my own inner states; yet I understand that the viewer’s experience of these images will reflect his or her own inner landscape and welcome that.  This dynamic interplay between inner and outer, or observer and observed, continually impacts our perceptions.
Through my photographic work, I seek to bring ancient scriptural wisdom into the contemporary cultural discourse by translating it into a modern visual paradigm.


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